Saunas in Trukhaniv

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Russian Bathhouses Truhanov Island
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District: Podolskiy district
Address: Park Road, 15, see on map
Food options in the sauna: European cuisine, Russian cuisine, Bar, shashlik, herbal tea, seafood, Ukrainian cuisine
Services: massage, bathhouse attendant services, sauna whisks, banqueting hall, aromatherapy oils for steam room
Parking: private
Cost: 500 700 /
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New large bath

New large bath

Accommodation:20 people
Cost: 700 UAH / hour
Large sauna

Large sauna

Accommodation:15 people
Cost: 700 UAH / Hour
Average sauna

Average sauna

Accommodation:10 people
Cost: 600 UAH / Hour
Small sauna

Small sauna

Accommodation:6 people
Cost: 500 UAH / Hour