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Steam rooms Finnish sauna
salt Finnish sauna
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cedar barrel
Roman sauna
infrared sauna
hamam (Turkish sauna)

Carpathian vat
Japanese bath (ofuro)
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Swimming pool with backlit
(3*3 )

aeroair bath


access to the Dnieper
spa pool
shower "Sharko"
wooden font
with hydromassage
access to the lake
with waterfall


Chan ofuro
chan (wooden font - ofuro)

2 waterfalls
enter information about a pool or pools, their dimensions and characteristics (eg 4x4, Hot, hot tub")
type the price in the following format: UAH/Hour or UAH/Hour/Man
Photos You can only upload JPEG and PNG files Photos you can download at most 15 photos choose the best ones. The size shouldnt be more than 2.5 Mb. Big pictures you can send via email lazmya.kiev.ua@gmail.com. Photos are a compulsory condition of placing the ad on our site. Your ad will not be activated without pictures.
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Enter a complete description of your sauna its features and benefits.
PLEASE NOTE that the description is a very important criteria for decision-making clients in selecting the sauna! Make your description as attractive as possible, complete and legible